In the context of planning and providing the variety of services,
directly or indirectly, that an individual needs, we hold the values:

1. That every person with disabilities has the same basic rights
as every other citizen, that their rights are worthy of protection and that
we are responsible to advocate for their rights.

2. That “one size does not fit all and that we have the ongoing
responsibility for assessing where the individual is on his/her continuum of
progress and challenging ourselves to develop and carry out plans which
maximize continued growth.

3. That we are guided by the principle of free choice and realize
that in some instances the individual may not make the “best” choice
or may encounter some degree of risk in the choices made.  Our job, however,
is to communicate, enlighten, guide and at all times have the backs of the
people we serve as they journey through their lives at their own paces.

4. That we must advocate, where needed, for opportunities and
experiences which better enable persons with disabilities to be accepted
and allowed to live productive lives.

5. That we must teach individuals we serve through positive
modeling and relationships which demonstrate mutual trust and respect for
individual choices and preferences while maintaining professional boundaries.

6. That we encourage and assist individuals to form and enjoy a broad array of relationships among family, friends, co-workers and
community contacts and to understand and practice the concept of giving back to others.

7. That we must continually evaluate and revise our service delivery systems and methods to achieve and sustain excellence as regulatory
requirements, resources and individual needs change.