The name Special Needs Unlimited has more meaning than just a business title.  It stands for achieving goals and realizing dreams. This is what we are in the business of doing.  The profession really chose me many years ago. Growing up I was a companion, friend, supporter, trainer and number one advocate to my sister Dianne who lived with a disability.  I came to understand she needed to be uplifted by those around her to realize her full potential. Dianne was more capable than we ever knew with motivation from those around her .  Her milestones came later in life and she went to school where a curriculum was specifically designed for her needs.  My family rallied around her every step of the way.  As I saw her grow and strive to become a person who was independent and self fulfilled, I realized this would be my calling.  Initially, I set out to work in human services but then created an agency which could support Dianne in her ambition to live life to the fullest.  My hope continues to be having a place where individuals with disabilities are supported in their homes and communities in which they work and live. We ultimately want to have those entrusted in our care discover their full potential no matter how big or small the milestone.  Each day I strive to have the people supported through our agency get closer to their goals and ultimately their dreams.